Travel system strollers for twins

Travel system strollers for twins

According to the National Center of Health Statistics recently released data, 3.5% of all the babies that were born in 2014 were either twins, triplets or other high order multiples, basically accounting for about 140 000 births. The dramatic increase in this statistics has triggered a rapid demand in travel system double pushchairs for twins.

Travel system strollers

The most popular options for infant twins transportation is the travel system. The travel system is basically a combination of a double stroller and infant car seat that will make it easy to transport your infants with minimal distractions.

Travel system strollers for twins

How the double stroller travel system works

The travel system comes with a car seat attached to the double stroller. The car seat is detachable to be placed in the car. The travel system eliminates the need for buying separate strollers and child car seats.

The babies will always remain buckled in the infant car seats, which can be snapped into a base installed in your car when on the go, and later attached into double strollers when you are out and about. The travel systems reduces the amount of the infants handling as there is much reduced buckling and unbuckling and the babies aren’t jostled around when moving them from the car to the stroller and vice versa. Your babies will always remain in the seats which are carried by a handle; the seat is secure while in the car or stroller.

Importance of the travel systems

Travel systems are less disruptive for the babies as they stay put without constant jostling and are easier for the parents who are able to operate with much less disruptions. Travel systems provide the needed convenience as it is much easier to manage your babies when they are well tucked in the car seats.

Purchasing travel systems for twins

When purchasing travel systems for your twins, it is important to consider the most important features to your family. Research on the available travel system pushchairs in the market and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. Most important factors to consider include;

• How regularly you will be using it?

• Will it be used outdoors on indoors?

• How long do you intend to use the system?

• Where the travel system will be stored?

Major problems with double strollers for twins

Travel systems for twins have reduced features when used in combination. This reduces your choices and prevents you from getting the best of each system on its own.

Infant seats have a relatively short lifespan and your kids are bound to outgrow them long before they have outgrown the stroller.


For parents that have been blessed with twins, it is much more economical and convenient to buy a travel system double stroller. The most important aspect of during the purchase of a push chair is the number of features that you desire for the system to have. Travel system compatibility will make it easier for fathers and mothers with twins as it provides them with maximum comfort and assured safety for the babies and ensured convenience for those traveling or wheeling them around.…