What to Look for in a Double Stroller for Twins

Choosing a double stroller for twins is very tricky. If you’re buying it for the first time and you don’t do your homework, you’d be shopping in the blind. That’s because there are a lot of factors that go into selecting the best double strollers in the market. And in a market where strollers would seem very much alike, you’d have to go into the nitty gritty details before making a final choice.

The best thing to do is put your needs into the right perspective. That is, you need to make a criterion of things you should be looking for in a dual stroller. To help you along, here are the things every dual stroller must have:

The seat – The first thing you need to look at is the type of cushioning on the seat as well as the design of it. Think of your twins and how they’d feel sitting on it. Consider the fabric of the seat and make sure you feel out the material with your hands. It shouldn’t feel itchy or coarse. Next, look at the padding and test it. The best padding would have a breathable material that won’t irritate the skin. Lastly, check out the harness as that would provide safety to the twins. It must feel snug and the material should be top quality.
Design and Material – The durable double strollers today are made of lightweight materials. Toughness comes with the right make and model. Dual strollers for twins, regardless of the type, should be made according to professional standards. That entails features with a specific purpose other than the aesthetics.
Useful features – There are a handful of features to look for. Find the stroller with a good storage capacity. This is primarily for the parent’s convenience. What makes any baby stroller useful is the built-in access for depositing your bags and other accessories. Next, look for a sturdy canopy which is capable of shielding your babies from the sun. This “hood” would protect your kids from everything actually. Folding, on the one hand, must be easy. You shouldn’t have to grapple with this mechanism every time you use it. You must remember that a stroller is a travel system. The only appeal it should have is for you not to wake the kids from the car to move them into the stroller. Without this feature, forget ever getting one.
Sturdy wheels – This is a feature most active parents (those who’d like to take their kids jogging) look for. The front wheels, to be exact, must be made of solid composite or air filled material for maneuverability. This makes for moving into difficult surfaces easy. Also, a good set of front wheels won’t disturb the kids in the ride-along. Plus, it’s easier to push a dual stroller with a good set of tires on them. Size of the tires also matter, in that, a 4-inch wheel becomes a necessity if you’re the type of parent who takes the kids out all the time.

In summary, dual strollers are selected according to the parent’s need. Finding the perfect dual strollers for twins becomes an easy task if you know what to look for. You shouldn’t buy them if the features on it outweigh its usefulness. Think of what the kids need – your search must begin and end with that.